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Free Delivery - For all orders over £100 to mainland UK (*excluding some areas)
Can Ratchet Straps Be Used For Lifting?

Can Ratchet Straps Be Used For Lifting?

Wondering whether you can use those ratchet straps you have lying around to lift cargo as well as secure it? It’s a question we’re often asked here at Taut Strap - and we can understand why.

After all, some of our ratchet straps are extremely tough. Our 75mm items, for instance, have a minimum break force of some 10,000 kg - enough to theoretically lift all kinds of heavy cargo and even vehicles.

Despite this, however, ratchet straps are not suitable for lifting. Here’s why…

The technical differences

Ratchet straps are designed purely to secure cargo, not hoist it. From the construction of the webbing material to the design of the hooks and ratcheting mechanism, every element of a ratchet strap is built with transport and haulage requirements in mind.

That means they’re built to withstand consistent force for extended periods of time, as opposed to the varying forces a strap would experience when lifting an object. Using a ratchet strap to lift cargo, then, is kind of like taking a sports car off road (or taking a 4x4 to the race track) - you’re using them for something they’ve simply not been designed for.

This brings with it safety concerns. For starters, ratchet straps must comply with different safety standards than lifting straps, so you’ll immediately be breaking health and safety guidelines by using the wrong type of strap.

Additionally, the ratchet mechanism - while perfect for cargo transport - could result in a potentially lethal accident in a lifting scenario. Imagine what would happen if the ratchet mechanism was released, either due to a fault with the handle or operator error… the consequences don’t bear thinking about.

In conclusion

So, all in all, our advice is to invest in different straps for both lifting and lashing purposes - it’s simply not worth the risk to use the wrong type of strap.

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Cissy - May 6, 2024

please call me 86 15259910737 if you need our webbing slings.

Damien Walsh - March 20, 2024


Can a ratchet strap be used in between 2 flat webbing slings to prevent the slings from slipping?

Would the come under LOLER if they are used for that?

Thank you

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