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Free Delivery - For all orders over £100 to mainland UK (*excluding some areas)
Lashing Capacity Vs Break Force: What's the Difference?

Lashing Capacity Vs Break Force: What's the Difference?

When you’re shopping for ratchet straps, there are two key terms you’ll come across: breaking force (or strength) and lashing capacity. Understanding what each one means - and the difference between the two terms - is crucial. If you’re not careful, you could end up with a ratchet strap that’s not strong enough for the task at hand.

What does lashing capacity mean?

Lashing capacity is typically measured in daN, which stands for decanewtons. This term refers to the maximum tension the strap can safely withstand without breaking or tearing.

What about break force?

By contrast, break force refers to the maximum weight (in kg) a strap can withstand before breaking. Manufacturers work out this figure by testing the strap with its ratchet handle and hooks in place - so if you exceed this figure and overload your strap, you are risking failure. It should go without saying that this is never a good idea!

How are the two linked?

Although these terms refer to separate things, they are interlinked. Generally, the break force in kg is double the lashing capacity in daN, unless otherwise stated.

So, if you only know the lashing capacity of your strap and want to work out the maximum weight it can safely withstand, this is a good rule of thumb. We would recommend always allowing some wiggle room here though, just to be safe - it’s not worth pushing your straps to their breaking point.

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