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Free Delivery - For all orders over £100 to mainland UK (*excluding some areas)
Free Delivery - For all orders over £100 to mainland UK (*excluding some areas)
What Can Ratchet Straps Be Used For?

What Can Ratchet Straps Be Used For?

Ratchet straps are used across multiple industries to transport goods safely. Their high-tensile-strength and strong metal ratcheting lock ensures goods don’t slide around while in transit.

When you need reliable fastenings for heavier, high-value items, sometimes a rope, belt or regular strap just isn’t enough. That’s where ratchet straps come in handy. They’re designed for commercial and industrial use, and bring peace of mind to businesses in the transport and haulage sector.

With the right straps, you can deliver a professional transport service for your customers and minimise the risk of damage.

If you’re wondering whether they could be suitable for your needs, read our expert summary on the popular and lesser known uses for the trusty ratchet strap.

Tying down cargo during transit

They are most commonly used to secure pallets in haulage lorries or on cargo ships.

Everything from pallets to furniture, building materials and machinery can be secured with ratchet straps, provided the right strap and fastening approach is used. With the right load-securing straps, you can protect stored items, even from severe stormy weather disturbances.

Securing vehicles to recovery trucks

Vehicles can be secured to recovery trucks using ratchet straps, too. Straps are placed across each wheel and locked into the bed of the truck or trailer, preventing them from rocking from side to side.

They’re also suitable for transporting vehicles to track events - so ideal for motoring enthusiasts looking to take care of their pride and joy.

Securely mount goods to a car roof

You can even mount items to the roof of a car. Going on the holiday of a lifetime or taking a DIY approach to moving house? These straps will ensure your precious cargo won’t end up lost and abandoned on the road and reduce the likelihood of you becoming a hazard for other drivers.

Secure furniture in the back of a removal van

Everything from building supplies to washing machines and even vehicles can be secured using them, which makes them extremely versatile.

Ready to make a purchase?

All in all, ratchet straps are extraordinarily versatile pieces of equipment. Provided you choose the right strap and the right supplier, there’s no end to the list of cargo you can transport using them. They aren’t just useful to big shipping companies either! Smaller removal businesses and even individuals can make use of these superior straps.

Taut Strap is the UK’s leading manufacturer of heavy duty and light duty ratchet straps, leveraging over 20 years’ experience.

With a vast range of options in stock to suit every requirement and use case, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Explore our full range today and place your order online - we deliver across the UK and Ireland!
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