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Free Delivery - For all orders over £100 to mainland UK (*excluding some areas)
Ratchet Straps: Your Guide to the Different Types

Ratchet Straps: Your Guide to the Different Types

Ratchet straps come in a wide range of designs to suit various cargo transportation requirements. In this article, we’re showcasing the different types of ratchet straps, so you can confidently choose the right one for your specific use case. Whether you’re transporting personal items or you’re a commercial transporter, keeping your cargo secure and preventing it from moving around is crucial.

There are also legal standards to follow to ensure the safe transportation of goods. To stay compliant, straps should meet EN12195-2:2001 regulations. When purchasing, it’s as simple as checking that the manufacturer conforms to these standards in their strap production.

Different Types of Ratchet Straps

From light duty to heavy duty and endless ratchet straps, if you’re new to buying straps or want to know more about the options available to you, look no further than our extensive list below. Ratchet straps are typically available with ratchets and hooks. The below is not an exhaustive list, but provides a selection of the most common options.

Light Duty

Light duty ratchet straps are suitable for transporting lighter cargo. Typically available in lengths from four to eight metres, light duty ratchet straps are able to withstand forces of up to 1,500 kg, giving you peace of mind when securing lighter loads.

Heavy Duty

Heavy duty ratchet straps are designed for transporting larger and heavier loads. Lengths range from four to 15 metres, with minimum break forces of up to 10,000 kg. That’s considerably more than light duty ratchet straps.

Endless or Open-ended Straps

Endless ratchet straps come with a buckle that’s attached to the webbing near the end of the strap. These can be used to create an ‘endless’ loop that wraps around cargo. You can then easily tighten it to ensure your cargo is held firmly in place.

Open-ended ratchet straps do not have a fixed end fitting. They are ideal for securing heavy loads where no specific fixing points are required or where there are no designated anchor points.

These straps allow for flexibility in securing loads by providing the freedom to adjust the length and positioning of the strap according to the specific requirements of the cargo being transported.

Internal Curtainsider Straps

Internal curtainsider straps are designed to securely fasten cargo inside a curtainsider lorry. With a minimum break force of 700 kg, these straps are able to secure heavier loads and pallets. You can also purchase straps that are compatible with double-deck trailers.

Fall Protection Straps

Fall protection straps are specialised safety equipment designed to enhance safety by preventing falls when working on flatbed trucks. These straps are typically rated for specific weight capacities and are prominently marked with "FALL PROTECTION ONLY" to indicate their designated use. They come in various lengths and end fittings to accommodate different vehicles and trailers, providing security and safety.

Ratchet Strap Attachments

Below are some of the most popular examples of ratchet strap attachments, including hooks, rings and buckles. This is not an exhaustive list, but includes common products. Other options include rave and snap hooks.

Claw Hooks

Claw hook ratchet straps are preferred for their ease of use. They are so-named after the design of the hook, which resembles a claw.

D-Ring Straps

D-ring straps feature a D-ring attachment that allows them to be hooked onto surfaces like those in vans or trailers. These straps offer one-handed tensioning and easy release buckles for efficient use. Typically made of durable materials like polyester webbing, D-ring ratchet straps come in various lengths and are designed to withstand heavy loads of up to 5000 kg. They are known for their strength, reliability, and ease of use in securing different types of loads during transport.

Cam Buckle Straps

The cam buckle strap with plastic-coated S hooks is designed for medium-duty use and is easy to operate. Unlike ratcheting straps, cam buckle straps are tightened by pulling the webbing through the buckle. This makes them ideal for securing loads without risking damage from the strap itself.

Ratchet Strap Accessories

There are plenty of additional components to consider purchasing that will help ensure maximum safety and security.

Corner protectors are used as optional protection for goods and loads. They’re particularly well suited for pallets.

For all these products and more, browse the extensive ratchet strap selection on the Taut Strap website. We manufacture to exceed safety standards and can ensure timely delivery, exceptional quality and fantastic customer service.


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