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Free Delivery - For all orders over £100 to mainland UK (*excluding some areas)
Light Duty Ratchet Straps: What Can They Be Used For?

Light Duty Ratchet Straps: What Can They Be Used For?

Light-duty ratchet straps are ideal for lighter loads and can manage weights up to 1,500kg. They are available in a selection of styles and consist of a length of webbing, often made of durable materials like polyester, nylon, or polypropylene, and a ratcheting mechanism that allows for tight and secure tensioning. But what can they be used for? Find out in this guide.

Securing Light Cargo

These straps are ideal for securing lightweight cargo, such as pallets, furniture or building materials, in the back of vans, lorries, trailers, or on roof racks.

Outdoor and Recreational Activities

Light-duty ratchet straps are useful for tying down equipment like kayaks, canoes, bicycles, or camping gear. They can help ensure that your items stay in place during transportation. This is an effective way to keep all your storage secure while allowing space inside your car for other luggage and passengers.

DIY Projects

When transporting materials or machinery for DIY projects, such as timber, pipes, or other construction materials, ratchet straps provide a reliable method for keeping items securely in place. This helps to prevent construction materials from moving about and potentially getting damaged while in transit.

Moving and Relocation

Light-duty straps can be used for securing household furniture during a move, preventing it from shifting or falling inside a moving truck.

Tie-Downs for Vehicles

These straps are suitable for securing motorcycles or all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) on trailers or trucks. They can be strapped to each wheel and locked into the bed of the flatbed trailer, which helps the load stay secure and prevents it from shifting during transit.

It is worth noting that they should not be used to tow vehicles, and they are only suitable for cargo that weighs less than 1,500kg. Light-duty ratchet straps have weight limits, and users should always adhere to the manufacturer's guidelines and specifications to ensure safe and effective use.

Need to secure cargo? Feel free to browse our extensive range of light duty ratchet straps with multiple colours (red, orange, hi-vis etc.) and find the right one for your needs!

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